phytaFIBER® Status

After months effective discussion with the European regulatory bodies, we can finally give a definitive answer regarding nomenclature and the status of our new product branded as phytaFIBER® and how it ts into the world of food ingredients.

In 1997, the European Commission issued the new legislation about Novel Food. All countries were called to list the traditional foods widely consumed before that year. One of the foods included in the list is Gracilaria verrucosa, a red seaweed spread worldwide of the order of Gracilariales. This seaweed is currently cultivated, together with other species of Gracilaria, in the Indonesian archipelago and it is one of the source of sustainable agar-agar production.

Taking this opportunity, Java Biocolloid decided to create a new ingredient with gelling capability that is excluded from the list of food additives as prescribe by the European Commission and FDA. With new and innovative technologies, Java Biocolloid is able to purify the Organic dried Gracilaria verrucosa harvested from our own farms, located in the pristine island of Madura, without any chemical or thermal processes, preserving the natural values of the seaweed turning it into ready-to-use powder using the unique technology of vacuum cold spray drier.

The high content of fibers, soluble and insoluble, gives PhytaFIBER® unique properties, allowing it to dissolve at low temperature and create a palatable gel preserving probiotics, vitamins and valuable nutritional substances in the food. The high mineral content (including potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc.) and the low calorie intake make the product phytaFIBER® an excellent ingredient for weight management products and supplements. The natural presence of iodine and the low presence of sodium make phytaFIBER® a perfect replacement to increase the iodine content of the food without increasing the sodium intake which helps elderly people who suffer from hypertension (problematic because currently iodized sea salt is the only source of iodine).

Regardless of the intrinsic benefits of the product, the use of phytaFIBER® opens new and innovative scenarios for companies that care about the health of consumer by creating new products, as ready to eat or drink foods, following the philosophy of the clean label.

phytaFIBER® identifies perfectly with this philosophy! An ingredient that acts as a texturizer and is not listed as an additive (E number free) but as an ingredient and simply identified as Gracilaria v. Seaweed powder.

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