Sustainable Farming

Java Biocolloid is working closely with the farmers and the collective for a better sustainable seaweed cultivation farming. Farmers are also encouraged to increase biodiversity in the cultivation ponds such as rearing of shrimps and fish, which can also serve as alternative source of income during off-harvest season.

Integrated Processing Practice

Implementing Blue Economy philosophy, Java Biocolloid contributes in promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly production practices.

Water to wash the seaweeds up to 3 times before treated in waste water treatment plant.

Chemical consumption by using close extraction and carbon footprint by using natural gas in place of coals as a source of energy.

The exhausted water into treated water to clean odourless water which rich in potassium and phosphate.
Mutual Relationship with Community

Java Biocolloid provides seaweed cake for local rice farmers, as the raw material to produce compost. This seaweed cake is rich source of minerals for their crops, which increases the number of planting cycles and increase yield with less chemical fertilizers.

The sustainability of a business also depends heavily on the next generation. Java Biocolloid works closely with local universities and government bodies to share knowledge and spread the enthusiastic spirit of supporting the local business.